Michif Resources

Much of the resources and tools have been created to advance and promote the Michif culture and language, has been developed and created by language experts by Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) in Saskatchewan and by the Louis Riel Institute (RLI) in Manitoba. Full credit goes to these Métis Nation institutions for their expertise and public resources including those below.

Michif Languages Resource List - Gabriel Dumont Institute

The Gabriel Dumont Institute’s mandate is to promote and preserve Métis culture. Over the years, it has developed resources that allow people to hear and read the Michif language. An inventory of GDI’s resources which contain varying degrees of Michif can be accessed here. 

An inventory of GDI’s resources which contain varying degrees of Michif.

Michif Reference Resources - Gabriel Dumont Institute

Explore Michif resources created through GDI Publishing, created by Gabriel Dumont Institute. This site hosts a number of resources including information on Taanishi Books; interviews; a biography on Michif expert, Norman Fleury; and archived New Breed magazines with Michif content.

Michif Resources - Louis Riel Institute

Browse Michif Resources available through the Louis Riel Institute. LRI’s Resources include Little Métis Michif Series books, developed to fill gaps in Métis specific literature for young children, and The Book of Michif Prayers includes sixteen Michif prayers and their English translation (Written by: Grace Ledoux-Zoldy; Transcription: Arthur J.C. Schmidt)